Speed up your communication!

Marketing & Communication.

From the experience gained in the motorsport field and the skills acquired over the years by our staff, we deal with the communication of companies operating in various fields: from the primary sector to the tertiary sector, communication has no secrets for us!
We can therefore support you in your marketing and communication actions: taking care of your corporate image, creating your website or managing your social pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, ...), defining your corporate identity and much more.
We are experts on the racing tracks but we are able to make you travel with an edge in the market: conquer new customers, tell the world who you are and what you do for be a winner!

Social Media Management

Your products or the services you offer, the company's vision or sector curiosities. If you think you can't communicate on social media, you're wrong. Choose the right channel and communicate!

  • We focus on quality contents to attract the attention of those that are looking for you or the people you want to introduce yourself;
  • We create an editorial plan with various sections: informative posts, promotional stories, call to actions to keep the engagement high;
  • We moderate the page, analyzing the statistics and sending you only what is necessary.

We create dynamic and fast websites for companies. After an initial interview, we create the layout that reflects your corporate identity, writing the best texts to express who you are and what you do. Let yourself be guided by our experience and innovative team, there is a world to communicate!

  • A responsive website, visible on all platforms: pc, smartphone, tablet;
  • We offer maintenance and assistance at all times. With VT8 Agency your website is always online and functional.
Brand identity

From business cards to letterheads, from logos to brochures. Your company also goes through the corporate outfit. Create or revise these elements, for fresh, up-to-date branding.

  • Digital identity: presence on the web coordinated in all its parts; website, social media, email signature and what you can't touch;
  • Paper identity: brochures, business cards, folders, catalogs and all the elements that can be "physically" disclosed.
Visual communication

Photo and video shooting: you can communicate with images. Thanks to a professional photo and video service, you can enhance your products. A static image or an advertising spot can be a plus for your business.

  • Corporate or product photo shoots: static shots to present the team or what you do in your company;
  • Videos and commercials: presentation videos of the team that works in your company every day or videos, especially emotional ones, to present products and services.

We accelerate your visibility!