VT8 Agency is a sports marketing agency which aims to provide its customers with a complete package of services, following the latest digital trends. With its dynamic, creative, prepared and professional staff, VT8 Agency loves challenges and is always looking for perfection.

With VT8 Agency, drivers and teams can communicate in the right ways, with attention to detail and an aim to increase their visibility and notoriety as well as that of their partners, choosing the best ideas with creativity and effectiveness.

VT8 AGENCY can figure out a comunication plan from a blank page, giving support to you in racing comunication, both online and offline, marketing's strategies, social media, press release, media relations, dedicated video and photo shootings, managing and creation of website, visual design, public relations, management, coaching and events' creation.

The knowledge our people developed in the world of motorsport, very educational and heterogeneous, allows VT8 Agency to operate efficiently also with customers from other industries.

Our philosophy is “Passion for champions” and with this spirit we develop innovative projects driven by professionalism and love for what we do.

Our passion?


The world of motorsport has a huge communicative potential, due to its ability to excite the imagination and attract important brands eager to increase their value and visibility.

If well used, these peculiarities can turn out to be a real advantage for a racing team or a driver and their business. That’s why it’s essential to implement a communication strategy to build a brand image capable of showing your professionalism and uniqueness to the outside world.

VT8 AGENCY is able to enhance these aspects by taking care of all the communication channels available to teams and drivers, from the most traditional ones to the most modern, with a coordinated and coherent plan.

At the same time, VT8 AGENCY can work alongside companies that choose to enter the motorsport world through a sponsorship or partnership project, identifying the most suitable teams and drivers to work with and creating initiatives aimed at creating value and returning on investment, but also to lay the foundations for new business opportunities.

Under the guidance of Giovanni Venturini, Lamborghini Factory Driver since 2015, VT8 Agency can provide a coaching program to extract and develop the maximum driving potential of the drivers.
  • Social Media Management
  • PR & Media Relations Management
  • Press releases
  • Graphic design and visual identity
  • Websites - development and management
  • Photo and video service
  • Clothing & Merchandising
  • Brochures & presentations
  • Sponsor relationship management
  • Legal Services & Contract Management
  • Relationship with the teams to find the best solution for the season based on sporting and sponsor needs
  • Cars exhibition at events
  • Location selection
  • Invitation management
  • Catering, logistics & hospitality organization




Our mission.

We use all of our energies and resources to make our customers unique, leading them to carry out the most ambitious projects.
This is our mission!

We cultivate solid and valuable relationships based on mutual trust, it is essential for us to make the customer feel part of our family and at the same time to feel part of theirs.
We strongly believe that we must share the same values, ambitions and passions to be able to communicate them in the best possible way, which is why we at VT8 combine our professional experience with the latest technologies available to guarantee a result of the highest level.