Be different, be yourself!

Marketing & Communication.

Each athlete should work on its own Personal Branding. Ok, but what does that mean? The answer is very simple: working on Personal Branding means creating a strong mental association between a competence relevant to an audience and one's person, such as to be considered the number one choice in a specific field.

Driving fast in a racing car is not enough for a driver! To increase his success he must necessarily create, take care of and grow his own brand, because in this case the driver becomes the Brand. Working on Personal Branding in a conscious way means defining your own distinctive characteristics and communicating them in a persistent way.

Social Media Management

When strategy, branding and content work together, social networks become a resource capable of generating incredible growth and visibility, and for a driver this is essential.

  • Keep your audience updated before, during and after the race weekend or in your free time;
  • We combine communication with new creative and personalized ideas;
  • Strategy aimed at enhancing and retaining your sponsors and increasing your fan community.

Despite the fact that, over the last decade, communication has become something really dynamic and aimed at immediacy through social networks, a press release remains the main reference for anyone looking for information, as well as the basis from which to create contents for social profiles.


For a driver, speed is essential. What image of yourself would you convey with a slow and poorly maintained website?
Our team of graphics and developers will design and build your custom site, using the latest technologies available.


Dynamic and innovative designs, created by our graphic and marketing studio to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

  • Professional press kit creation (studio shooting & video teaser to use during the season);
  • Complete photo & video service at the race track;
  • Video highlights editing;
  • Creation of video interviews in the studio or at the race track;
  • Creation of commercials to enhance your partners;
  • Creation of Vlogs and other kinds of behind the scenes video content.

In partnership with Freem, a 100% Made in Italy company internationally known among the leaders of their industry, VT8 Agency will follow you step by step in the design and creation of your racing clothing.

You drive, we take care of communicating your success!



We are committed to enhancing the collaboration and image of the driver's sponsors in order to retain them in the long term, satisfying all their business needs by adopting the right marketing and communication strategies.
We professionally follow the driver in the approach and development of a potential new partnership.


Relationship with the teams to find the best solution for the season based on the needs of the driver and his sponsors.


VT8 Agency collaborates with a primary international law firm where an internal division is entirely dedicated to motorsport, counting on expert professionals specialized in the negotiation of any racing-related contract.

Limits are meant to be broken!


Under the guidance of Giovanni Venturini, Lamborghini Factory Driver since 2015 and International GT Open Champion, VT8 Agency can provide a coaching program to extract and develop the maximum driving potential of drivers, starting from their single-seaters debut right after training in karting.

Formula 4 and GT3 and Lamborghini SuperTrofeo cars are available to explore new opportunities or increase their skills.