Behind every successful business, there is someone who has made a courageous decision!

Marketing & Communication.

We support the investment of your company by creating a communication strategy tailored on the specific chosen branch, supporting your plan in order to make the brand stand out.

Social Media Management

We provide support to create a winning strategy, formulating an editorial plan and creating specific and targeted content suitable for posts on each dedicated social platform, from graphic design to content.


You already put your logo on a racing car speeding at 300km/h, why not take it slowly and show your investments online too?
Our team of graphics and developers will take care of promoting your racing department with a tailor-made website using the latest technologies available!

Press Releases

Communicating your commitment in the right way and form is essential. The press release remains an official information source for your objectives, as a company or as a project partner. This is why we send our press releases, created specifically to promote events and agreements, to our customizable distribution list.

Graphic design, Visual identity, Brochures

Business presentations for sponsors and partners, in order to make the project visually identifiable. Thanks to the study of the most innovative and dynamic marketing techniques we are able to make your products attractive. A recap of what happened during an event, rather than an illustration of the potential of a new project, so you can always have a cutting-edge image.

Visual Communication
  • Photo and video shootings to enhance the product;
  • Dynamic and captivating contents dedicated for each platform;
  • Generalist or thematic commercials on National TV (Satellite or DDT).

In collaboration with Audes Group, a leading company in the design and production of customized apparel collections, VT8 Agency will follow you step by step in the creation of your custom clothing, enhancing your partnership in the world of motors or other industries.

The things you believe in always come true, and believing in a thing makes it possible!


Organization of corporate events at properly equipped facilities (such as stands and fairs), exhibitions and dynamic events, aimed at enhancing your partners.

Exhibition of the cars at the events
Location selection
Invitation management
Catering, logistics and hospitality organization